Cleaning Rodent Feces

If you have rodent(s) living in your attic, then be sure to expect a junk of urine and feces and what not. This can cause severe contaminations leading to health hazards. It can become a hold of molds and pathogens that are hard to get rid of. Moreover, the bad odor can attract even more rodents to the attic. The urine and feces can even make their way to the ceiling, as can happen sometimes. So, it is highly imperative to get rid of these rodent feces as soon as possible. Fortunately, we are here to tell you some effective methods of getting rid of these rodent feces.


It is very important to take medical precautions to reduce health risks. As the pool of urine and feces will contain pathogens and molds, so it is important to wear a mask at all times so that you dont inhale them. Moreover, coming in contact with the poo also has health risks so you need to wear gloves and safety rubber shoes too if you can. It is better to be safe then to suffer later. After you have taken all the necessary precautions, you can begin the cleaning process.


The first step is to vacuum all the feces with a portable vacuum cleaner. It is better to use a shop vacuum because it can easily be cleaned afterward. Moreover, it is important to clean the vacuum because the pathogens can otherwise leak and spread diseases. Carefully vacuum the droppings, dont sweep as the mold and pathogens can become airborne and cause further problems. Vacuuming can be done on smooth and flat services like floor, carpet or duct area.


After vacuuming, you can also scrub the area with a solution of warm water, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Scrub all the area effectively wearing gloves and a mask. Make sure the region is cleaned of urine and feces. Clean the area at least a few inches from the place of droppings to control the spread of bacteria. Repeat the process for a few times. Dont clean the are directly and take necessary precautions.

Removing dirty insulation

Most probably, vacuuming will not remove the droppings of the insulation and sometimes even scrubbing with solution wont help. So, you would have to remove the insulation and replace it. For that, you would have to remove the insulation manually and place it in the trash bag. After that, you would have to install new insulation.


Some professionals use the method of fogging to remove the droppings that are stuck or are too hard to remove. Even urine that leaks down the ceiling or the mixture that forms of them is very hard to get rid of. So, an electric fogging machine is used to clean the area. The solution used is a mixture of enzymes and cleaning agents. This organic solution in addition to being health friendly also kills off the bad odor.

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