What to Do About a Trap-Shy Rodent

Rodents are smart little creatures, with senses so sharp and precise that it is often the case that they may elude us and our traps. Normally, we couldnt care less but the squeaky noise that keeps us up at night and doesnt let us sleep is what is often a deal breaker for most people. These little pests are often always a step ahead of us, and no trap has ever been made that can contain them properly, so what do we do?

1.    Using the glue trap.

Glue traps are traps which have a pad of which the surface is covered with super glue. Normally, pests that evade the traps often do so while still securing the bait. As a final measure, people often resort to using glue traps because they catch the animal in the act and the rodent has literally no way of escaping and often dies a slow and painful death. Hence, for the sake of our humanity, it is advised to ignore this method, and we shall look into suitable alternatives.

2.    Learn the rodents routine.

This may sound like an extra duty, but this will help you understand the psychology of your rat so much better and will equip you with the mindset of how to anticipate the pattern of movement of the rodent in your house. For example, be wary of the type of food the rodent likes, where it defecates, where it normally dwells when youre asleep and how big they are. To catch a rat, you must think like a rat!

3.    Why dont the traps work?

Biology is a living testament to the theory of natural selection which says that only the smartest and the fittest animals will survive. This rule also applies to animals that may dwell in the house and certainly applies to rodents, which are fairly smart animals and learn rather quickly. The chances are that the rodent in your house is familiar with the concept of traps and might have seen their buddy get caught once. This generally makes them want to avoid traps altogether.  This is a frustrating situation to be in but frets not; this can also be taken care of. 

4. What to do differently this time?

Given that now youve studied the rodents routine and behavior pattern, the best way to go about is to strategize how you want to capture it. Start off by placing empty traps so that the rat or mouse isnt triggered since they arent completely familiar with the concept of empty trap cages. Also, the chances are that the place you often place the trap is where the rat may not go to. So its best to place them where you think the rat normally resides.

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